The Centre as One of the Initiators of Market Oriented Management Education in Poland

The Centre for Management Training (CMT) is an independent Polish educational institution academically associated with The University of Warsaw. It operates as a foundation (nonprofit organization) under the chairmanship of Roman Głowacki, PhD, professor at the Faculty of Management of Warsaw University and an alumnus of Harvard Business School. Its governing board is comprised of representatives of the various partner universities and of Polish industry, business and politics.

CMT was founded by Professor Glowacki in 1990 following the approval of his proposal and the foundation’s statutes by the Minister of National Education in Poland.
The Centre’s educational activity started in 1991 thanks also to the support provided by the European Commission under the TEMPUS PROJECT (Trans European Mobility Project for University Studies). The proposal regarding the Centre’s establishment together with the request for financial support submitted to the European Commission were the first to be approved among numerous other proposals (projects) in the area of management.

In the period of 1991-1993 three generations of students participated in a one- year General Management Programme in English and were awarded a Diploma in Business Administration.
Since 1993 CMT has organized a two-year MBA Programme in English in co-operation with its partner universities. The programme, which constitutes CMT’s main activity, has been completed by several generations of students who have subsequently been awarded a joint MBA degree.

CMT also organizes short topical seminars geared to the needs of top-level managers. Over one thousand participants have so far attended these seminars. CMT operates as a recruiting institution for foreign management education programmes organized by leading US and Western European management schools. It was involved for several years in the Central and Eastern European Teachers Program organized by the Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration. The programme was aimed at upgrading and updating the managerial knowledge and skills of professors of management in Poland and other countries in the region.
The Centre’s activities in the field of management education have been greatly valued both in Poland and abroad by the programmes’ participants as well as by the business community and public institutions.


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