Organizational and Pedagogical Features

Interactive studies.
The careful selection of candidates and classes of no more than 30 students each stimulate the free exchange of ideas and dialogue between lecturers and students.

Lectures in the international business language.
Classes are conducted in English so as to enable students to consolidate and improve their knowledge of the language. After graduation they will be able to communicate effectively and compete internationally at the management level.

Lectures designed to fit in with the students’ work schedule.
Classes are organized in 4-week modules, that is to say, 4 weeks of classes are followed by a 4-week break. Such a system allows students to balance their professional obligations, including business travel, with their study schedule.

Mutual cooperation of lecturers from several universities.
This type of structure obviously has many advantages. In order to obtain top marks from both the students and the Centre’s management each university delegates its best professors. It goes without saying that this leads to constructive competition between the partner institutions. The lecturers come from several countries, which results in a multicultural approach to managerial training. It also creates opportunities to learn about managerial practices elsewhere and compare the views of professors from different universities.

Influence of Harvard Business School.
Quite a few of the professors who lecture in our MBA programme graduated from this leading American university or completed research projects there. There are foreign as well as Polish professors in this group, which has a considerable impact on the level and range of the teaching methods used in our programme.

Backgrounds of candidates and their employers.
New names are constantly added to the list of companies and organizations where candidates work. The list currently includes employers such as Polish Airlines “Lot”, the National Environmental and Water Fund, Polish Telecommunications, as well as many foreign companies active in Poland, among them such prestigious ones as Bertelsmann, Citibank, Deloitte and Touche, BNP Paribas Fortis, General Electric, Hewlett-Packard, Raiffeisen. In most cases graduates remain with their employers but are promoted to more senior positions. Others, especially those who pay their own tuition fees, can look forward to attractive new job offers. Among the programme’s students there are several alumni of Western universities as well as persons holding doctoral degrees. These two factors emphasize the high regard in which the Centre’s programmes are held.


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